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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Photography

Last May 26, 2010, I was given the opportunity to cover Jun-jun Cambe's 2010 Holiday Collection for the Philippine Fashion Week, held at SMX. Many thanks to my friends, Gilbert Ley, who modeled for the collection, and Sheena Gloria, who was one of the show's stylist, for they were able to get me, and THOSE GUYS' Gian and Barry Photographers' Passes. No camera flash was used, so my shots were a little darker, as compared to other photographers' photos.

Black & White

Gilbert Ley
Gilbert Ley
Junjun Cambe 086
Junjun Cambe 098
Junjun Cambe 111
Gilbert Ley
Junjun Cambe 141
Junjun Cambe 197
Junjun Cambe 204
Junjun Cambe 265

Gold & Silver

Junjun Cambe 029
Junjun Cambe 155
Junjun Cambe 162
Junjun Cambe 256
My favorite from the collection

Floral Details

Junjun Cambe 036
Junjun Cambe 055
Junjun Cambe 245
Junjun Cambe 299

I'm not really a fan of balloon dresses made for a bride, but this one literally gave me the goosebumps when the model seemed to float like a swan on the ramp with this dress on. It was the perfect show ender, for the audience stood up and applauded for the extravagant collection.
Junjun Cambe 316

Junjun Cambe
Jun-jun Cambe

Me & My Sister, Em
Me and my sister, Emerald

To view the rest of the collection: