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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photography ala Strobist

I was able to get yesterday the 33rd batch of clothes for my online clothing line, DAMIT CO. For this batch's Gossip Girl inspired theme, I thought of using my brand new flash trigger for the shoot. I have always been curious on how to shoot with a strobist technique. I have encountered the strobist style three times, prior to yesterday's shoot. The first was November of 2009, where I was invited to model for a strobist workshop at Makati; the second time was when Gian did the shoot for Damit Co.'s 29TH BATCH, February of this year; and the most recent was this month, during our Tokyo trip for a pre-nup shoot by THOSE GUYS. So, the shoot was practically an experiment.

Damit Co.
My forever model, Fraulein.

Damit Co.
Damit Co.

Damit Co.
Damit Co.

I guess the results would be better if I use an actual flash stand rather than my cousin's tripod =P

Damit Co.
Damit Co.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Diet (verb) - wishful shrinking.
Yes, Its official. I'm on my nth attempt to lose weight. Since I am no fan of exercising, I've decided to at least try my very best to be cautious with what I eat.

As I browse the grocery racks for snacks, I found this box of healthy goodness. Rice & Oats. Bleech! But as soon as I read that it comes in Seaweed & Wasabi flavor, I practically gave it a second chance.

My odd fixation on seaweed & wasabi flavored snacks started when Gian got me wasabi chips from Aji Ichiban. After that, anything seaweed & wasabi is added to my list of comfort food. I started buying Ridges' wasabi chips, Oishi's Gourmet wasabi chips, Seaweed coated nuts (forgot what brand, though.) I even whip up wasabi dips for my non-wasabi flavored chips. So who am I to judge this seaweed and wasabi flavored treat?

Before opening the box, I started to read everything the packaging said;
Baked not fried.
Transfat: Zero/g.
Cholesterol: Zero/mg.
Fiber rich.
Caffeine free.
No MSG added.
No preservatives.

Okay. I guess that sums it all up. Everything my body and mind needed to know was printed on its packaging.

Clearly satisfied with its healthy content, I tried it & loved it. Its quite good. The best part is, its actually a product of the Philippines. A guilt-free all day snack for only PHP40.00 ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Refreshing, Is It Not?

While my sisters Em & Frau went strolling around the mall, I've decided to lounge about at Gloria Jean's Coffee shop. Yes, I am getting old indeed. I prefer the comfy couches over the never ending walkathon that will eventually lead to busting my budget for the day.
Upon entering the cafe, I was thinking of the usual order - A Tall Hot White Mocha. But considering the scorching heat of 36 degrees outside, I thought of maybe exploring the menu.

Strawberry Chiller.
A Php 150.00 will get you a large, sweet and sour, refreshing treat. I have no idea how long the fruit chillers have been on their menu, but this beverage is now an instant fave. I now have 2 beverages to choose from when I hang at GJ's. Haha!

I also tried a slice of their Perfect Double Chocolate Cake. It was all right. I'd give it a 6.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Part-time Dream Job

After googling for hours in search of travel photography projects online, I finally got a writing gig for a travel website. I was able to submit photos I took and a 600-word article about it. I finished writing the article in less than an hour. Not bad for my first review :P

The owner of the site is a guy from India. We already exchanged a couple of emails earlier this week, regarding on topics I would like to write about and how we'd go about my fees. I made a list of topics I had in mind and immediately made an effort to schedule my field trips. Its funny how I get all psyched up for upcoming projects, considering I'm only doing this for extra moolah.

Taking gazillion photos on my recent out of the country trips, I became aware that I want to take photos of different places and its people, write about them, and get paid for it. Yes, actually get compensated for travelling. I've been working for 4 years already and its just now that it dawned to me that that’s exactly what I want to do! So again, I did some research this afternoon and sent several emails for prospective projects. I came across National Geographic and browsed through their site. I stopped the second I saw a phrase that went like, “we send off our photographers to the deepest corners of the world for four months…” No, I don’t want to go live in the deepest corners of the world for 120 days! Haha! Nothing THAT major will suffice. :P

So, the search for the perfect part-time dream job is ongoing. Also, when I checked my email this evening, I discovered that I already received my very first fee for the very first travel article I wrote, all on the same day! To think that its a Sunday today. ;)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Journal

So here I am, blogging away
Random thoughts or events
that may have happened today
I may do it out of boredom
I may do it for I have time
Regardless of my reasons
I'd share my two cents,
or heck, perhaps a dime.

But seriously, I'd like to share
My adventures and activities
And the photos I have to spare
So my first entry seems like a poem
My thoughts may bring about a rhyme
So don't be surprised if one of these days
I'd be singing out my thoughts
perhaps, write about a favorite line. (",)