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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Diet (verb) - wishful shrinking.
Yes, Its official. I'm on my nth attempt to lose weight. Since I am no fan of exercising, I've decided to at least try my very best to be cautious with what I eat.

As I browse the grocery racks for snacks, I found this box of healthy goodness. Rice & Oats. Bleech! But as soon as I read that it comes in Seaweed & Wasabi flavor, I practically gave it a second chance.

My odd fixation on seaweed & wasabi flavored snacks started when Gian got me wasabi chips from Aji Ichiban. After that, anything seaweed & wasabi is added to my list of comfort food. I started buying Ridges' wasabi chips, Oishi's Gourmet wasabi chips, Seaweed coated nuts (forgot what brand, though.) I even whip up wasabi dips for my non-wasabi flavored chips. So who am I to judge this seaweed and wasabi flavored treat?

Before opening the box, I started to read everything the packaging said;
Baked not fried.
Transfat: Zero/g.
Cholesterol: Zero/mg.
Fiber rich.
Caffeine free.
No MSG added.
No preservatives.

Okay. I guess that sums it all up. Everything my body and mind needed to know was printed on its packaging.

Clearly satisfied with its healthy content, I tried it & loved it. Its quite good. The best part is, its actually a product of the Philippines. A guilt-free all day snack for only PHP40.00 ;)

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  1. i love the photos & the photography ... but i hate wasabi, its taste goes out of my nostrils.