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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Part-time Dream Job

After googling for hours in search of travel photography projects online, I finally got a writing gig for a travel website. I was able to submit photos I took and a 600-word article about it. I finished writing the article in less than an hour. Not bad for my first review :P

The owner of the site is a guy from India. We already exchanged a couple of emails earlier this week, regarding on topics I would like to write about and how we'd go about my fees. I made a list of topics I had in mind and immediately made an effort to schedule my field trips. Its funny how I get all psyched up for upcoming projects, considering I'm only doing this for extra moolah.

Taking gazillion photos on my recent out of the country trips, I became aware that I want to take photos of different places and its people, write about them, and get paid for it. Yes, actually get compensated for travelling. I've been working for 4 years already and its just now that it dawned to me that that’s exactly what I want to do! So again, I did some research this afternoon and sent several emails for prospective projects. I came across National Geographic and browsed through their site. I stopped the second I saw a phrase that went like, “we send off our photographers to the deepest corners of the world for four months…” No, I don’t want to go live in the deepest corners of the world for 120 days! Haha! Nothing THAT major will suffice. :P

So, the search for the perfect part-time dream job is ongoing. Also, when I checked my email this evening, I discovered that I already received my very first fee for the very first travel article I wrote, all on the same day! To think that its a Sunday today. ;)

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