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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Refreshing, Is It Not?

While my sisters Em & Frau went strolling around the mall, I've decided to lounge about at Gloria Jean's Coffee shop. Yes, I am getting old indeed. I prefer the comfy couches over the never ending walkathon that will eventually lead to busting my budget for the day.
Upon entering the cafe, I was thinking of the usual order - A Tall Hot White Mocha. But considering the scorching heat of 36 degrees outside, I thought of maybe exploring the menu.

Strawberry Chiller.
A Php 150.00 will get you a large, sweet and sour, refreshing treat. I have no idea how long the fruit chillers have been on their menu, but this beverage is now an instant fave. I now have 2 beverages to choose from when I hang at GJ's. Haha!

I also tried a slice of their Perfect Double Chocolate Cake. It was all right. I'd give it a 6.

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