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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid!

My Favorite Building in the Metro
Every time I'm at Ortigas Center, I can't help but be dazzled by this gorgeous structure. I have no idea what the name of this building is. One sunny morning, while I was with my colleagues on the 28th floor of the UnionBank Plaza to attend the Sales Directors' meeting, I was able to get a clear view of my favorite structure. It wasn't the highest one, (probably has 30 floors) but it definitely is the most eye-catching, especially on a bright, beautiful, sunny day.

Gold happens to be my favorite color, therefore, this not-so-famous but oh-so-lovely building is most certainly my favorite among the skyscrapers in the Metro =)

+ Used my Samsung Point & Shoot Camera, Sam +


  1. nice picture. my office building is kinda infront of this golden bldg.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, its along Emerald Ave. as well (or is it Ortigas Jr. Ave. already?) =>