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Friday, July 30, 2010

Where Art Thou, Summer?

Sandbar Walk Way
Its raining now, but all I could think of is how much I want to hit the beach. I wasn't able to sunbathe this summer for I spent my summer vacation at Kuala Lumpur & Tokyo. Not that I'm complaining, but hey, summer equals sun, sand, and tons of fun at the beach, doesn't it?

I've always wanted a beach house. The beach does not really have to be as fancy as Bora or Palawan. Very clear water and fine sand shall suffice. My family owns a beach property at Bacacay, Albay, but we barely visit and the resort is not quite developed. Maybe my cousins and I could look into it and probably help the family and come up with suggestions on how we could improve the resort. For that, I shall insist that we visit our province before the end of the year. Probably take photos of the country side as well.

Low Tide
Sigh. Somebody please take me to the beach soon!

+ These photos were taken at Calatagan, Batangas, last July 2009. +

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